Orchestrate Office 365 like a boss!

CSP Boss is a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use Office 365 cloud orchestration platform.

Hundreds of companies trust CSP Boss to support their tens of thousands of Office 365 licenses.

Seamlessly provision and perform adds, changes, and removals to and from the Office 365 cloud.

Automatically create users in your Active Directory and assign Office 365 licenses.

CSP Boss is easily accessible through the Office 365 app launcher or Outlook ribbon and leverages Azure AD Single Sign-on.

What Our Customers Are Saying About CSP Boss

We went with CSP because CSP Boss by MessageOps bills monthly, because you provide and send one clean, concise invoice that summarizes line by line. We really love getting just one invoice.
We really appreciate the new CSP Boss this year. It’s been a nice update.
The CSP Boss orchestration platform for my Office 365 licensing has been hugely convenient and saves me lots of time.
CSP Boss is crazy easy!
Flushing Bank
Everything went well. CSP Boss makes everything very easy and convenient.
RCI Recourse Communications, Inc.
I really like the CSP Boss site to manage my Office 365 licensure. It makes it easy to adjust the licenses.
City of Rogers
CSP Boss is very intuitive.
I am really happy to be able to add licenses on my own, on the fly. It has been super convenient.
North American Dental Group

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How CSP Boss Makes Life Easier for End Users

You can manage your Microsoft Office 365 licenses directly within the CSP Boss portal. Increase your operational efficiencies by making changes in just one portal that automatically updates your billing—in real time.

Single Sign-0n. No need to log into another portal to order
CSP Boss tracks your past purchases and makes it easy to add on in the future
On-Board and Off-Board Employees Easily and Effortlessly
CSP Boss provides prorated easy-to-understand invoicing.
CSP Boss provides a self-service help desk and adoption platform
Get support from a trusted Cloud Solution Provider that knows your business
Get a simple, easy-to-use platform to manage your Office 365 license subscriptions
Manage your licenses in a single portal that updates in real time
Expand your help desk and reduce your inbound support ticket requests

Be a CSP Boss

Learn how to access all of the benefits of CSP Boss by making MessageOps your CSP Partner.

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